No one likes a sales pitch but everybody loves a great story.

Star Moose supports brands with compelling storytelling. We're an award-winning ad agency specializing in social media and content marketing. We sweeten tweets, facelift Facebook pages and pull dull blogs out of the web bog.

We provoke human connections with simple messages that cut through the noise. We work closely with you to understand your business and forge the right narrative to grow your online reputation.

You're a business. That doesn't mean you have to sound like one.

Headquartered in historic downtown Idaho Falls, we're close to world-famous fly fishing on the Snake River, the snow-capped Tetons and the ageless majesties of Yellowstone.

Who wouldn't want to live and work here?

Perhaps if you hate things like the scent of fresh-cut hay, the bite of cold river water on your ankles or the sound of wind riffling Douglas fir needles, then this may not be the place for you. For us, it brings to mind David Lynch's Twin Peaks or Ray Bradbury's Green Town:

This town may be small but it seethes with some secret force. We believe living in such a place imparts a unique energy to our work.

So while we may be far from the madding crowd, we are still very much on the map. Our clients span all business types: software developers, snowboard manufacturers, national corporations, local non-profits. We don't publish our client list but we have a little bit of everything in our collection of stories.

We find the human story hidden in every line of business. Let us help you tell yours.

Kenneth Loosli

Creative Director