Social Marketing isn’t something that will force you to completely change all your strategies or scrap your current campaigns and plans. This is something that should be added to whatever you have (that is working) to infuse it with a sense of community for your customers. You want people to be involved with your brand, so give them opportunities to be involved.

Tell them about your events, your Web site, your Twitter feed, your Facebook page and other promotions through your traditional advertising and personal contacts. Every email your customers get from sales, customer service, or as a confirmation should have a link to all your social media accounts and your blog. Use social media to get people having fun and engaging your brand in a memorable way. Build a mobile app that allows people to comment, post, add videos or pictures and share their experiences with your brand on your Web site. Have them sign up to receive a cardboard replica of one of your products that they can assemble and customize your label and post pictures online. Anything that gets them doing something out of the ordinary will stick in their mind. Then, you will have someone who will talk about your company or product and bring you sales. That is why we advertise things, right?

Use the comments section on this site to ask questions and offer examples of how you have gotten people involved with your brand and/or clients. Times have changed, the last thing you want is just a viewer/listener/reader of your ad. You really want a friend, or at least a ‘like.’

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