Twitter has been mapping the “trends” of what is being discussed around the world as well as locally. Twitter uses an algorithm to determine what topics are immediately being discussed in your area. This means, in order to be a trend, it has to also be a novelty. These trending topics can be found on your twitter page. Getting a trend can be good publicity for your company and get people to notice and talk about you. The world of twitter can be confusing, specifically the trending aspects, so here are a few definitions and ideas for how to use your twitter account to make a splash in the world of social media.

Using hashtags
The hashtag (#) is used in twitter to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. The hashtag is what is used to determine who the conversation includes and what it is about. People who use the hashtag for a topic are saying they are a part of the conversation. Just like in every culture, there are rules of etiquette for using the hashtag symbol. Using the hashtag right is just as important as using it at all.
1. Don’t overuse. The hashtag should be used at most twice in a tweet. #This #is #hard to #read.
2. Only use the hashtag if the tweet is relevant to the topic.

Some tips in how to hashtag a trend:
Create a meme. A meme poses a question or a challenge. The important thing about a meme is creativity. A good meme allows the tweeter to be funny, get personal, express an opinion, or recommend something.

Create a contest. Attach a contest to a hashtag with a prize. Pick the winner based off the best tweet that incorporates the hashtag. Make the rules clear and attach a time limit. Encourage people to tweet as many times as they can.

Ask your followers to “Please retweet” or “Please RT.” Encourage others to retweet by attaching a prize to the most retweeted tweet. Many of your followers are interested in helping you. Just ask and they will oblige.

Search nearby tweets
Twitter trends can helpful in boost business by allowing you to search for nearby trends relating your business. If people are discussing a question or problem that you can address, do it. Search out ways to engage and interact with your potential customers. Watch the trends around your area to see what people around you are talking about and join the conversation.
The area you see the trends can be changed on your twitter page. You can pick a specific location or search globally. Keep an eye on both global and local trends to see where you can fit in.

Trending is not just for the celebrities. If done correctly, it can boost your company’s reach and recognition in the twitterverse.

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